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The Making of the Angel Punk Comic Series

We are peeling back the curtains, ripping off the siding, annihilating the 4th wall and offering up a behind the scenes video that will blow your mind! OK, blowing your mind may be a little overstated, but we think it’s pretty cool.

In Part 1 of a three part behind-the-scenes series on the making of Angel Punk Issue 0, we sit down with lead artist, Val Mayerik, to discuss the process of creating a comic book from concept sketches to finished page. As well as a get-to-know your art team section where he talks about the rest of the Angel Punk artists, Bob Wiacek, Steve Oliff and Tom Orzechowski. Enjoy!

In Part 2, we’ll show you the development of the Issue 0 cover art.

If you have any questions and or curiosities burning a hole in your brain, and you want answers, offer them up in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer. Your question may even inspire another BTS video and we’ll definitely give credit where it’s due.

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