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Relium Media Launch Party

June 3, 2011 was an epic evening. We could just walk away from this blog with that description and it would convey how immensely grateful the Relium Media team is to our fans for making the event such a success. For the last month, all our efforts have been geared toward publishing Issue 0 and our launch party. We could not be any happier having shared both with all those who attended.

Angel Punk Genesis – Issue 0 was on full display, projected onto an 8 x 12 foot screen, showing off the magnificent artwork by our talented team – Val Mayerik, Steve Oliff, Bob Wiacek and Tom Orzechowski. Both Val and Tom live in Portland. Brian Snoddy, the cover artist for Issue 1/2, is from Seattle and both he and Val made it to the event. Our team rocks!

We tweet (@ReliumMedia) and are big on using technology and social media to reach our fans. So, using a service called, we filtered all tweets using the hashtag #AngelPunk and project them on to another 8 x 12 foot screen. Some avid tweeters caught on and we soon were trending in the Portland area. Even a few non-attendees posted questions about the event, which of course we responded to because we try to respond to everything.

We are total film geeks and like to film everything. You will see this more, over the coming weeks and months, as we release more behind the scenes video than Portland has hipsters. Below is a time-lapse video with a frame taken every five seconds for the duration of the party.


All of you who attended were amazing and our onsite photographer, Levy Moroshan, did a great job of making you all look like red carpet rock stars. All of the pics from the evening are up in our gallery. Make sure to find your pictures and if you post it to facebook, make sure to tag Angel Punk.

Again, we couldn’t have done it without you. As we continue to release more issues of the comic, the young-adult novel and film, we will need your ongoing support and for that we’ll drop another thank you in advance.

The Relium Team!

LTR: Jake Rossman, Jack Phan, Kevin Curry, Eric Doebele, Scott B. Nelson, Matthew Wilson & Chris Weilert

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