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Comic-Con: First Impressions

Shortly after we hosted the Relium Media and Angel Punk launch party in June, our comic industry adviser, Shannon Wheeler of Too Much Coffee Man renown, brought up the fact that we should attend Comic-Con. He said it’s the perfect setting to start building the Angel Punk lore and make key connections with publishers and bloggers. After a quick Google search, we were disappointed to find out that passes had sold-out months ago and that hotel accommodations were about as hard to find as the Holy Grail.

Using some Jedi mind tricks, we convinced the registrar at Comic-Con that our presence was needed for SDCC11 to be a success. *Snark* They bought it. Two badges, one for me and one for Devon Lyon, as well as two guest passes. I’m thinking, we don’t have that much geek cred yet, do we? It must be the tuft from the beard of Zues that I keep in my sock drawer. On top of that the clouds of Portland parted and we even scored a condo five blocks from the convention center. We’re in!

I had seen pictures of the thousands of fans in cosplay and heard the stories of Comic-Con setting the entertainment industry abuzz. Shannon warned of the chaos but our inner geeks, con-less and chaste, set our hearts to countless panel attendances and meetings galore.

Devon and I arrived on Wednesday afternoon. After waiting in line 15 minutes to get our industry badges, we thought, OK, this isn’t so bad. We then waited another 30 minutes to get into the main floor. Our first steps onto the exhibition hall floor was like being hit by a tsunami of fellow rabid geeks, pressed shoulder to shoulder, decked to the nines in their favorite cosplay, all seeking out their favorite books and Comic-Com exclusives. Twenty minutes later, we had moved about twenty feet but hadn’t spoke a word. The pure, unadulterated awesomeness had rendered us speechless. And, this was just the preview night.

After barely surviving Wednesday, see how the adventure continues the next day.

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