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angelpunk January 14, 2020

As we are heading towards the future very fast technology have acquired some futuristic processes and equipment. Surely there will be technology around us almost everywhere. In our houses, cars, offices every single place we go to every day. There are automatic doors, smart homes, car sensors, futuristic toilets also and they are present in today’s time and are being used by us.

We can not even think about that if we go back in time around 10 years ago. The 2010s have given us a lot of futuristic technology in its decade. They had helped humans a lot and saved their time also. Similarly, the 2020s will also give us some strange, some beautiful, even some weird technology and inventions. We should keep an eye on the 2020s decade and hope for something interesting and helpful technology to come up for us. Let’s cross our fingers.

If we talk about the next few years the most discussed and hyped technology which has started fussing around people is 5G internet connection. Yes, the most awaited technology everybody has waited for is 5G. It has come in 2019 but, it was used for the purpose of checking so that people can have their feedback about this technology before being available for everyone. Till now, there very few countries which are using 5G internet connection while some are testing it and some are doing preparation for its launch in their country.

As the 5G is coming mobile manufacturer have also started their manufacturing for 5G compatible smartphones. Most of the smartphone is manufactured and loaded with technology which will be best for gaming. This is the era of multiplayer gaming. Esports have widespread its reach and every single country have esports and some even organize battle between players and it has become a trend in most of the country.

The game manufacturers are earning very well nowadays as more and more players are joining the esports. Thus has made pressure on smartphone manufacturers to make their phone in such a way and with such technology so that people can enjoy their game very fluently without any hanging or lagging issues.

The processor is what matters for gamers

When any common person goes to buy any smartphone, a single and most important feature they consider before buying any smartphone is the processor. If you will ask any common gamer about what they need in their smartphones to play the game smoothly and efficiently the answer will be almost the same and the answer will be a processor.

As 5G is becoming the center of attention for everyone in 2020, Qualcomm has launched a chipset that will most probably revolutionize the mid-tier smartphone industry. A couple of months ago, 5G connectivity was something that we used to see only on some flagship devices. Even now only top tier devices come with 5G connectivity. But with the launch of the Snapdragon 765, and 765G, things are about to change.

These chips are gaming centered. But, what are the differences among them? Which of them is best? Which of them will be better for mid-end devices? All these questions will be answered in this. Let us understand the difference among them.

Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 730G vs Helio G90T

CPU and Performance:

The Snapdragon 765G has an octa-core set-up. Two of them are performance cores while six are power-efficient. In other technical terminology, we can say that we have a kryo 475 prime core clocked at 2.4 GHz, a kryo 475 Gold core clocked at 2.2 GHz and six power-efficient cores clocked at 1.8 GHz.

While Snapdragon 730G has an almost a similar setup. It has similar hardware as of 765G, it has two kryo 470 cores clocked at 2.2 GHz and six other kryo 470 cores clocked at 1.8 GHz. The krti cores in both of the Qualcomm processors are the same but according to their manufacturers, they have optimized them therefore there is a difference in their name.

The Helio G90T too went with two powerful Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.05 GHz and six power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 2.0 GHz.

They’re built

The 765G uses Samsung’s 7nm node architecture, while the 730G has an 8nm architecture. Helio G90T has the biggest 12nm architecture which makes it more power gulping.


The Snapdragon 765G comes with Adreno 620, while Snapdragon 730G has Adreno 618 which is 20% less efficient than Adreno 620. Coming towards HelioG90T, we have the Mali-G76 graphics processor. It is not less than Adreno. Both of them are better but it is claimed by many experts that Adreno gives more lag-free experience than Mali.


Both the processor of Snapdragon supports dual 22MP+22MP camera or a single 192MP camera while HelioG90T supports dual 24MP+16MP camera or single 64MP or 48MP camera depending on their frame rates.
Benchmark Scores:

Snapdragon 765G has not been tested till now so we do not have its score now but we have scores of our other two processors.

The 730G in terms of single-core scores 2,538 as compared to the G90T scoring a single-core score of 2,468. In terms of multi-core though, the G90T pulls ahead with a score of 7514 points as compared to 6927 points scored by the 730G. So both of them are pretty neck and neck in Geekbench.

There are other tests also which points them accordingly so you can also differ according to their score.

Which One is Better Processor?

If we consider what we have read so far you can easily tell that yes 765G clearly is the winner. It is best among them. But, we can’t say that it was not a tough call surely it is. All our other chips have remained neck to neck among themselves.

One factor which takes all for 765G is that it is the newest among them. Overall though, all three of these are quite capable chips and they are perfect for the mid-range devices that have been growing so popular in recent times in the smartphone industry.…

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angelpunk November 12, 2019

People are becoming more and more tech-savvy. Technology becomes more interesting when we get something new and interesting things or machines for ourselves which makes our life much easier and efficient. Once we were used to hearing that soon there will be flying cars and look now we are heading towards the future very fast.

Soon, there will be flying cars and there is no doubt in it. In the coming years, more and more new technologies will be introduced to us and some of them may blow our minds. The 2020 year will be the year to watch for having a peek into the next generation technologies which will come up in this upcoming decade.

Here we are going to discuss some of the major technologies which will become a worldwide trend in the year 2020. We are going to look into the 6 major technology trends we will see in the year 2020.

1. Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality is the key when someone takes a look at attractive technology trends. It went from strength to strength in 2019. According to Forbes, it is predicted that the location-based entertainment (LBE) will comprise approximately 11 percent of the VR industry by 2023. However, VR is evolving to include social interaction, a good story, and better gameplay mechanics.

Lionsgate Entertainment World, one of China’s most technologically advanced theme parks, opened in August 2019. The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride, a next-gen VR ride, is the world’s first multiplayer interactive hyper-reality VR simulator experience.

In addition, IPs are increasingly creating VR experiences. Last year, there were VR experiences inspired by Men in Black, Game of Thrones, Terminator, Avengers, Jumanji and Assassin’s Creed. Chloride, Universal Pictures, and Ford launched the world’s first in-car VR experience, Universal Monsters Presents Bride of Frankenstein Holoride, at Universal CityWalk.

2. Augmented reality (AR)

Its name says it all. It is the term used to give an augmented view of the real world. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Disney CEO Bob Iger both have supported this technology. Bob Iger, on the other hand, prefers to invite people to a theme park rather than in the virtual world. Snapchat has also had this technology and has been using it continuously since last year. This technology had gained momentum several times in 2019. It has an extra edge which makes it different from other technology we are going to discuss.

There have been several games developed which played in AR. Harry Potter: Wizards unite is one of the many augmented reality mobile phone games. The game overlays the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on the real world, with artifacts, creatures, people and memories mysteriously appearing in the Muggle world.

Lisa Phillips, Toby Devan Lewis Director for the New Museum, said: “Augmented reality is a medium ripe for dynamic and visual storytelling that can extend an artist’s practice beyond the studio or the gallery and into the urban fabric.”

3. Robots

There has been an up and down in the population of the bots around the world. The Henn na chain of hotels in Japan is known worldwide because of its robot staff.

There is also a hotel named flyzoo which is a part of the Alibaba group. You will see here bots serving you dishes and drinks. CEO of Alibaba Future Hotel Management, said: “It’s all about the efficiency of the service and the consistency of service because the robots are not disturbed by human moods. Sometimes, we say we are not in the mood. But the system and the robot will always be in the mood.”

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It is also an interesting key attraction technology watch out for in the year 2020. It has been used worldwide. Many big companies have their own artificial intelligence. Many use artificial intelligence for the welfare of society.

Microsoft also has a $125m ‘AI for Good’ program, and previously announced ‘AI for Cultural Heritage’, which uses AI to address challenges in society. It launched this in response to modern threats to cultural heritage. It’s an attempt to preserve people, places, languages, and artefacts.

After that Microsoft also collaborated with other companies for the betterment of the internet and its usage.

5. Interactivity

Interactivity is one of the ongoing attraction technology trends from the last few years. Experiences are becoming more engaging, immersive and personalized. And it shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. Smartphones have altered visitors’ expectations when it comes to engaging with attractions.

Guru‘s Dana Duran described smartphones as a “tool for enhancement, engagement, sharing, and interactivity”. Great examples of this are Artlens at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the scavenger hunt aboard the USS Iowa and Guru’s ‘Visual Magic: Dali’s Masterworks in Augmented Reality’ at the Dali Museum.

Thus technology shaped how gaming feels and has taken storytelling to the next level. You will find many more of it in almost every theme park you will go to.

6. Esports

This has been a center of attention from the past few years. It is unstoppable and is growing more and more as time passes. It has become a new market for the gaming industry where there are lots of players to play multiplayer games among them and there happened a lot of gaming battles on the national level and some happened at the international level also.

“Even from the earliest days of gaming, people have wanted to compete,” said Philip N. Kaplan, GameWorks chairman, and CEO. Esports is just a formalization of this natural phenomenon of folks competing. Everyone loves going to watch races; similarly, everybody loves going to esports events.”

Visitors today are very particular they want a new, advanced and customized experience. They want to feel the technology as per their own wish and own taste. For example, The LINQ Hotel & Casino at Caesars is transforming itself into an experiential casino space. It now boasts holographic games, interactive art exhibits, esports, fan caves, self-service beer, and VR.…

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angelpunk September 3, 2019

In the future, there will be smart houses, ultrafast data speed, and an internet connection and a lot more to see which will surely make us go wow.

From around 2010s people have believed that technology will surely invade our daily life and it will be helpful for us and will make our lives much easier and efficient. Technology is not limited to only industrial areas or some hi-tech offices. It is present everywhere around us. It is in our own home. There are some homes which maintain the temperature of the house when you come inside your house. There are sensors present at your door which activated when you opened the door.

It is in our cars. Nowadays cars have extra features which warn us about vehicles running in adjacent lanes. You can see if there is anything behind your car while you are reversing your car and you don’t have to look backward handling your car carefully with the irritating constant horn.

It is in our television set on which we stream many shows and movies through mobile applications without any disturbance and any other hectic process.

It is present in our smartwatches which monitor our health effectively. You can’t get rid of technology in today’s world and no one can say that they can live without technology. No, my dear friend, it will not be possible in today’s world as we are surrounded by it almost everywhere.

In the coming decade 2020, it will grow even bigger and will spread across us widely and we will have some new benefits which will mesmerize us undoubtedly. It will gain momentum and will deliver some very new and shocking technology to us. In Las Vegas there happens an enormous consumer electronics trade show at CES. it happens almost every year. People wait for this event very eagerly as it tells us about the future of technology and gives us a hint of what technology will be available next year. Typically it serves as a window into the year’s hottest tech developments.

Things to look at CES

In this same year at the show, a much waited next-generation cellular technology known as 5G, which delivers data at mind-boggling speeds, is expected to take center stage as it is one of the most important topics right now in the whole world. We are also likely to see the evolution of existing smart homes, with internet-connected appliances such as refrigerators, televisions and vacuum cleaners working more seamlessly together — and with less human interaction required.

As there will be not much human interaction work will be seamless and there will be no delay in your work as you don’t have to elaborate what you are willing to do or what you want as there will be machines which will do your work by just a tap on your phone or by just pressing a button.

“The biggest thing is connected everything,” said Carolina Milanesi, a technology analyst for the research firm Creative Strategies. “Anything in the home — we’ll have more cameras, more mics, more sensors.”

The Smarter Home: True Automation

We have seen that from a couple of years all the big companies have battled to become the center of our houses. Google, Amazon, and Apple all of them have released their AI for your house and all of them claim to be best for your houses.

There virtual assistant work on the voice demands of their owner. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are the virtual assistant of Amazon, Google, and Apple respectively. They respond to your command and can do a lot of things for you like play music from speakers, control light bulbs and activate robot vacuums. Smart home products work well, but they are complicated to set up, so most people use virtual assistants just for basic tasks like setting a kitchen timer and checking the weather.

In December last year, all three big companies have decided to work together for the betterment of the house’s control system and will give their consumers a better and efficient experience. In short, you will be able to control your house appliances from any of the virtual assistants. This should help reduce confusion when shopping for home products and improve the ease with which connected gadgets work with one another.

“You want the devices to talk to each other instead of me being the translator between these device interactions,” she said. “If I open my door, then the door can say to the lights that the door is open and therefore the lights need to turn on.”

The Slow, Steady Rise of 5G

The use of 5G has started in many countries last year. Through this technology, people can experience the internet at mind-blowing speed and can download a whole movie in just a few seconds.

The rollout of 5G has come as uneven and unclimatic. There are only a few States which are currently using it and only a handful of devices that can use 5G. It had impressed the people with its speed but there is still discussions going on this topic as there claims which tells that it is unhealthy for our environment and will affect other species we are living with. Using a technology that harms other species for our own benefit does not seems morally right.

Wearable has also gained popularity in no time and big companies have launched their own wearable and the competition is tough among them. You will find many options available in the market right now.

Revolution in streaming services has also impacted our lives as almost every single citizen stream some shows and movies as there is the availability of the internet for almost every single person. We have seen that many of the producers have started using this as a new platform for the release of their films and shows.

All these are going to make us more technology-dependent and will surely save time.…

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angelpunk August 27, 2019

One solid indicator which proves that EdTech is a big business and has a great future is the number of billionaires the sector had created so far. According to Deloitte, the Chinese education market will reach $715 billion by 2025 and was responsible for creating seven new billionaires.

The richest was Li Yongxin, this is person leads Offcn Education Technology that provides online and offline training for individuals who want to take civil service exams, but there were other EdTech business leaders represented.

Here we consider the key technologies that underpin the EdTech revolution as well as the top 5 tech trends set to disrupt education in 2020.

Key Technologies that Underpin the EdTech Revolution

Before we start our discussion about the top tech trends that will disrupt education, our discussion must first begin with the futuristic technologies which will come or are present now and which will influence these trends.

One of the major influencers is artificial intelligence. It will continue to fill gaps in learning and teaching and help customized and streamline education. As students interact with the connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices and other digital tools, all the data will be gathered. This big data and analysis of it are instrumental for personalized learning, determining interventions, and what tools are effective. The extended reality, including virtual, augmented, and mixed realities help to create different learning opportunities that can engage students even further.

Education is increasingly becoming mobile, and educational institutions are figuring out different easy and effective ways to enhance the student experience by implementing mobile technology solutions. Of course, this technology requires a capable network to handle the traffic demands, and 5G technology will provide powerful new mobile data capabilities. Finally, blockchain technology offers educational institutions to store and secure student records.

Top 5 Tech Trends That Will Disrupt Education in 2020

1. More accessible education

We can’t say that there are only financial problems or it is finance we should consider first before making education available for all. According to a UN estimation, there are more than 260 million children who do not get full-time education. The main reason behind this humongous number is the lack of faculties, the absence of higher education providers, proper learning materials, learning accommodation and much more.

What online education do to overcome this problem is that it makes it’s unbound and make it available across the border also, it makes education available for the people living in remote areas. Edtech can break all the common barriers we have while providing education for all.

2. More data-driven insights

We know that technology makes people and industries much more effective and efficient, it can do some things in the Edtech industry also. It can help educational institutions and educators be more effective and efficient.

While providing education online provider can store data and while working on that they can personalize the study of students accordingly. They can come to know what their students prefer while reading books and what are their strong zones and what topic is hard for students. This will help them to be more personalized for students and can understand them quickly and then provide education accordingly.

3. More personalized education

It is not a novel step to make education more personalized and it can be achieved with the help of technology. The online classes are much more complex and diverse. This makes difficult to understand them all and their need all at once. Technology can help is to achieve this by making education personalized for every single student.

Technological tools can free teachers up from administrative tasks such as grading and testing to develop individual student relationships. Teachers can access a variety of learning tools through technology to give students differentiated learning experiences outside of the established curriculum.

4. More immersive education

Not just artificial intelligence but extended realities can make education a better experience for any student. Extended realities include not just artificial intelligence but augmented reality and mix reality are also part of it. This can help any student irrespective of their location where they live. Just imagine how beautiful history can be when a student puts on a VR and can roam around the city of ancient Egypt.

The student will remember this experience and can understand much more easily and will remember it. Students can experience hard-to-conceptualize current-day topics through extended reality, such as walking among camps of Syrian refugees. This technology enables learning by doing.

There are many more methods to improve education. This makes education more interesting and fun which is what everyone wants it to be. Students can use Alexa if they have some doubts about any words. These bots can also make a big impact on education. Ultimately, if chatbots can make the learning process more engaging for students and reduce the workload on human educators, their use in education will continue to grow.

5. More automated schools

We should not only think about online learning rather should focus on schools also. We can’t make education available online for everyone as it is not as easy as it seems. Schools play an important role in any student’s life. They learn to socialize, interact and understand diversity among people and try to understand each other.

There are many schools which rely on online test, assignments, attendance record and many more such things. Automation technology will change schools as they can use face recognition for attendance, can give teaching decisions to teachers and can loose up some burdens from the teacher. Similarly, many other administrative tasks can easily be done with the help of technology.

When a student interacts with online technology, they leave a digital footprint that informs learning analytics. But automation will also help control building costs by automatically controlling all the lighting and heating/cooling systems and will also help to keep students safe with automated school security systems and services.…

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