An Angel Punk Story

The Hunt for Mara Layil

Mara Layil has broken the most sacred mandate of her kind. Even that wasn’t enough to rescue her brother, Max. From Japan to Thailand to Istanbul, she’s being hunted by the vengeful widow of the man she killed, an elite fighting force determined to bring her to justice, and a cloaked man determined to bend her to his will.

Even as the relium in Mara’s blood fuels her growing powers, she can’t hope to evade capture, find her parents and help her brother alone.

An unlikely crew coalesces around Mara – steady Hiroko, an Offspring skilled in the healing arts; Dalmeet, a snarky, neat-freak bound to Mara through a blood curse; and Ethan, a tech-savvy, pattern-obsessed human teen.

But the Eleven are fading from this world. A great schism grows between Offspring who want to live by the Covenant and those who want freedom to exercise the full extent of their powers in the human world.

And Mara? Well, she’s the lynchpin of the coming war…

“I’m Mara Layil. My life… well, it’s complicated. I’m not a vampire
zombie or witch. But it’s just as screwed up. Maybe more.”

The Comic

A Hidden, Supernatural World Divided.

The Angel Punk saga follows Mara Layil on a journey of discovery as she’s unwittingly thrust into a millennia-old struggle between otherworldly dynasties. This hidden world of ancient wonders and dark secrets forces the teen to accept her own incredible power and confront her family’s mysterious past.

Hidden assassins, shattered oaths and exiled eternals all play a part in the greatest supernatural conflict of all time.

Comic Team

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Creative Team

Before finding out she was the descendant of otherworldly beings, called the Eleven, Mara was just an eighteen-year-old with a bad attitude. Now her parents are missing, maybe dead. Her brother, Max, is poisoned and slowly slipping deeper into a coma. A schism is developing between those who would use their power against humans and those who won’t – and she is forced into the middle.

5000 years ago the Age of Embodiment began with the Eleven…

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